SimulationiQ IPE is a standalone, web-based, virtual patient, Interprofessional team training
platform that replicates different disciplines working together on a common case/scenario or case
series. It can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and on any mobile device connected to the
internet. Learners can practice synchronously or asynchronously. SIMULATIONiQ IPE can be used
to augment your site-based IPE program.
SimulationiQ IPE saves time, lowers cost, allows collaboration across distances, enables learners
to practice together frequently, helps with accreditation requirements, streamlines scheduling,
and much more.
SimulatiniQ IPE Enables :
  •  Engagement with learners from anywhere,anytime, and on any mobile device
  •  Live communication via video conference,chat, and discussion forum
  •  Learning objectives linked to IPE competencies
  • Evaluation of learner performance and reporting options
  •  Creation of individual cases and case series
  •  Creation of assignments and team assignments
  •  Synchronous and asynchronous practice
With EMS’ innovative technology, learners
develop the skills and confidence they need to
effectively avoid miscommunication and
misdiagnosis, and enhance coordination of
care. SimulationiQ IPE — the key to lowering
medical errors.
SimulationiQ IPE streamlines IPE implementation with:
  • Realistic collaborative health care training scenarios 
  • Anytime, anywhere access  
  • Simple cost allocation
  • Easy case creation