SIMULATIONiQ ™ Enterprise Cloud

What if you could forget about technology and focus on educating learners and running clinical simulation activities in your training environment? 

SimulationiQ ™ Enterprise Cloud gives you the freedom to manage your sim center with offsite IT infrastructure, including servers and storage.

Access a web-based SIMULATIONiQ ™ Enterprise system without the need for lots of hardware installation. A Service Level Agreement ensures the timely and guaranteed delivery, management, and maintenance of your IT services.

SimulationiQ Enterprise Cloud Enables:

  •   Elimination of IT infrastructure updates and maintenance
  •   Simplified workflow with EMS' cloud-based resource maintenance
  •   Minimized capital and operational expenses with a smaller IT footprint
  •  Automatic updates
  •  Lowered total cost of ownership for the highest ROI
  • Reduced network bandwidth requirements with video and data storage in the cloud